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Lee Huffman (BaldThoughts.com) is a master travel hacker, family man, long-time blogger, and A+ nice dude.

When I first discovered his blog, a few interesting things caught my eye...

Why does his domain include a 3rd party platform? (Boarding Area). What the heck is going on?

Wait, he has a blogging team?

How on EARTH does he travel with kids so much? and for so little money? (Seriously. I'm an amateur travel hacker myself, but Lee's off the chain).

(In a good way).

In this interview, we chat about...

  • Which Credit Card is best for travel hacking? (BROAD question that Lee essentially tears apart).
  • Travel Hacking for NORMAL people (non-digital nomads who travel 363 days a year)
  • Attractiveness and blog marketing ;-)
  • How Lee got his first $200 sponsor
  • The "Kansas City Blog Shuffle." (see below)


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For the full post, head here: 

I asked 100+ bloggers what they thought about blog income reports, and here's what they said!

Includes my votes for the best report-producing bloggers as well!

Enjoy :)


Key takeaways and show notes can be found at: https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/adam

We ask this question all the time....

How can I get traffic/follower growth as a *new* blogger?

Usually the answers are disheartening and overwhelming...but today's guest is here to present how he kickstarted a new blog with one. extreme. post.

  • Before post -> traffic peaked at 13 views.
  • After post -> 10,000+ views in a few days.

Adam Fortuna (Minafi.com) is a brilliant, brilliant guy. Before diving head-first into personal finance, he was (is) a world-class developer, coder, product manager (I'll plug his company, CodeSchool.com. It's fantastic for those looking to learn to code. I've taken 3-7 or their courses).

In this episode, we chat:

  1. How he engineered a blog post for mega success, and took his traffic from a few dozen a day....to over 15,000 views in a weekend. Seriously, what he did is incredible.
  2. Cheap or free tools/resources for eliminating distractions while on your computer to focus on productivity.
  3. The importance of asking yourself questions (unbias questions, as Adam points out I'm bad at. Which is true by the way :)

He is quickly making a name for himself in the blogging community based on his financial independence guide, and he's also a true gentleman and value-adding human being (he also help me set-up the official FinCon Slack channel. He volunteered!)

Enjoy this deep chat with Adam Fortuna :)


This is a bonus podcast in conjunction with my latest monthly income report ($2,306.72 for September. My first 4-figure month): https://doyouevenblog.com/september-2017-blog-income-report

It's long, transparent, and informative. Enjoy!


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Today's guest is Dave from Run The Money, and his "failure resume" even rivals my own.

I wanted to bring him on the show today to talk about...

  • lessons learned from his failed projects
  • overcoming shiny object syndrome and gaining focus
  • why we should question EVERYTHING, including our path in life
  • blog marketing blog marketing blog marketing

Serious revelation: This is the most personal podcast I've done (Dave's story is truly inspiring and touching). So while we may not talk much about uber-specific-and-tactical blogging tactics to make $59k/month from your blog...we have real talk.

Overcoming personal struggles and focusing to the point of success.



This podcast accompanies a MEGA-POST on the blog: https://doyouevenblog.com/best-email-list-building-strategies-for-beginners

It is a monster resource aimed for bloggers looking to start and grow an email list. It ALSO contains a link to my top 3 best-performing content upgrades of all time. A fun little sneak-peak :)

Enjoy this chat and walk-through with Eden Fried! (EdenFried.com)




Today's takeaways and show notes: https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/boss

Aside from aspiring to be a "mountain woman" influencer, Millennial Boss is a rising superstar blogger on many fronts.

In addition to her personal finance blog (FIRE aimed at millennials), which I've seen a TON of people praising on Twitter and elsewhere...she also just launched the FIRE Drill Podcast w/ co-host Gwen!

She's super bright, driven, well-spoken, a delight to speak with....and also completely unafraid to counter my own opinions live on the podcast.

When we she agreed to come on the podcast, she straight-up told me she wanted to debate with me on promoting Bluehost affiliate links and placing ads on blogs. And I gotta tell you, she makes a compelling argument :)

We talk:

  • How NOT be an anonymous blogger can cost you your dayjob
  • "Your audience is not you" and tips for finding out what your audience craves
  • A few SEO bombs towards the end
  • Why you SHOULD put ads on your site
  • Why Bluehost IS a solid affiliate to promote



For fun screenshots, old logos, and show notes, visit: http://doyouevenblog.com/fails/

This is a bonus uncut episode of my online business and blogging fails!

Projects that went nowhere, etc....as well as some lessons learned!

Enjoy :)


Shownotes and takeaways from today's episode can be found at http://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/chris

Chris (KeepThrifty.com) had a highly lucrative and secure career...which he just quit. To blog. For a year.

This episode is a bit different, as it's half interview, half coaching session.

We dig into

  • Why you DON'T need a blog coach
  • Why the FIRE model isn't for us ;-)
  • Tying our identities into our work
  • The circumstances to put in place BEFORE leaving your job to blog full-time
  • Chris and I hash out 3, 6, and 12 month goals, and put a strategy in place.

Special thanks to Chris for allowing me to be a part of his journey. I stand behind him 1,019% percent, and I know you'll get some value out of this episode as well!


Show notes and takeaways here: http://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/jess

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, selling your stuff, and traveling long-term? (and paying for flights ENTIRELY from travel hacking points?)

How about living and saving off of side-hustles? How about getting your blog featured in multiple news outlets, including Glamour magazine?

Today's episode was SO much fun; I got to sit and chat with some real-world friends of mine, Nate and Jess from RoundTheWorldCouple.com.

They're amazing people (and hilarious by the way), and I've been fortunate to follow their journey in real-time. This includes:

  • "stumbling" into local and national press coverage, driving massive traffic to their blog
  • Living minimally and crushing side hustles to save up $80k+ in 18 months
  • Travel hacking their way across the globe (literally. 25+ countries)

Nate and Jess are amazing, and I know you're going to enjoy their journey!


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