Burnout stinks! For bloggers, for entrepreneurs. In this episode (and blog post at https://doyouevenblog.com/blogger-burnout ), I got tips from several bloggers on how to avoid and combat blogger burnout.



Today's fantastic guest is none other than Chris Peach from the Money Peach blog and podcast!

For text takeaways and shownotes, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/peach

On this podcast, we chat about:

  • Making it DIFFICULT for people to join your email list.
  • Growing an audience with activities that DON'T scale
  • How he's grown his blog and podcast.
  • More strategies for acuiring and developing "true fans."
  • and way more...

Chris has a lot to say, and I'm glad he does. I LOVE the passion and energy he brings to everything he teaches.



Today's FQF: "How can I easily (and cheaply) protect my blog? From hackers? What's the best way to backup my WordPress site?

All these question and more! ALL links and resources mentioned can be found at https://doyouevenblog.com/site-security-backup-wordpress-blog/

As a reminder, if you'd like to submit a question (or even guest host the DYEB podcast), email me! pete (at) doyouevenblog (dot) com.



Today's guest has blogged about vacuums, electric car conversions, pilot's licenses, and finance. He has gone straight from long-haul trucker to marketing manager (how on Earth?).

For FULL takeaways from this episode, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/mike

Today I'm thrilled to speak with Mike G from Ninja Budgeter.

Mike's backstory is so dang intriguing, and what he has to say about commitment (and focus and perseverance) NEEDS to be heard by bloggers.

We also chat about...

  • MAKING a commitment for X years (or months)
  • The daily SLOG/GRIND is where the money and success is :)
  • Should you blog about blogging? Or “stick to your guns?"
  • How to get your first sponsorship - we talk A LOT about pitching people...
  • and more.

Seriously, I really like Mike. He's incredible honest (so is his writing) and transparent, and in general a delightful dude.



She's done it all. A blog, a finance consultancy, a millennial personal finance meet-up series, a successful podcast, paid products and courses, and more.

For full show notes and takeaways, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/jessica

Today I'm joined by Jessica Moorhouse, who has a really fun backstory in filmmaking and newspaper, and has since transitioned into being a full time "mediaprenuer" (meaning she does a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc.) She also has a wonderful, engaging personality (I'm actually not just saying that…I think that's an important thing to learn from when it comes to being an influencer of any type).

We chat about...

  • How do I, as a blogger, explain what I do to my friends?
  • The key elements for effective STORYTELLING (huge for us)
  • How on Earth do we price info products?
  • The Pro/Cons of being a female or minority blogger
  • Doing WHATEVER YOU WANT on your blog.
  • and more :)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this little chat! Hit me up on Twitter if you do :)


I'm fired up about this incredible SEO tip I learned yesterday from Grant Sabatier,  which was a response to a new "Fan Question Friday!" I would like to start doing on a regular basis.

For the full blog post, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/seo-category-pages

In this episode, we are going to explore SCO category pages, Why they are so incredibly important for getting your blog found in Google (and elsewhere), And what you can do this weekend to get it done!

Yes, we are all adults, but I still love the Idea of giving you homework that can drastically improve your blog.

Big thanks to Grant for teaching us how to do this!



Building trust is HUGE for bloggers, and today we're going to look at a few creative (and standard) ideas for building social proof on your blog.

For the show notes and text takeaways, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/proof


Also, head to that link above, leave a comment, and I'll choose one person to send a free DYEB T-shirt too!

woot woot!


Caitlin is the founder of Proofread Anywhere and the Work at Home School, both of which are absolutely huge online businesses.

In this episode, we chat about...

  • how most people overcomplicate making money and starting business
  • why Caitlin got fired a few years back (and then proceeded to make millions from a blog/online biz)
  • the single best "strategy" for growing blog traffic when you're new
  • behind the scenes of a massive affiliate product launch
  • and more

For full show notes AND text takeaways, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/caitlin

Enjoy the chat! 

<3 you


J.D. Roth is a blogging legend. He is one of the proud few OG bloggers who has been at this for over 20 years, built an incredible successful personal finance blog (Get Rich Slowly), SOLD IT, started another great blog, BOUGHT Get Rich Slowly BACK...

(For takeaway summaries and show notes, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/jd)

His journey has been a wild and crazy one, but filled with awesome blogging stories, inspiration, and lessons learned.

In this wide-ranging episode, we chat about...

  • How he grew GRS
  • The process of selling (and buying) blogs
  • Burnout and quitting! (#important)
  • Screw metrics, focus on the story.
  • The World's Best Rant Against Blog Pop-ups.
  • and more :)

He's a legend in our community, and otherwise a delightful guy to hang out with! Enjoy this episode!


Just a quick update on some REALLY COOL blog tools I've found recently.

SmarterQueue - single best social media management tool for Bloggers

KWFinder - Awesome SEO tools at half the price of competitors

Bear, Sinoguo, GorillaPod, and more!

For links to all tools mentioned, head to https://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/new-blog-tools


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