Brendan Hufford is one of THE top SEOs I put my faith in, so I had him on the show (again) to chat all things SEO & link-building in 2020!

Experienced blogger, new-ish blogger--doesn't matter. We break down key strategies and changes BOTH of you need to be aware of, and what to focus on in 2020.


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Ciao bella ;)

I received a TON of amazing advice in 2019, from people I respect very highly.

In addition to sending out a broad "thank you" for Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the actual advice they gave me, in the hopes that you'd find it useful.


Andy Hill is the man. He's a podcaster at, and has managed to really nail down a system for booking solid podcast sponsorships (I think he's prebooked sponsors several months out at this point).

AND he managed to start when he relatively small downloads.

Full show notes here:

We chat about...

  • How to FIND podcast sponsors (specifically where to look and figure out who is paying)
  • Putting together the proposal
  • Media Kits!
  • Turning getting sponsorships into a repeatable system.

Enjoy my future & current podcasters! (and bloggers. This applies to y'all too).


Kyle Byers from Growth Badger once produced a post that generated over 1k shares, 109 referring domains, and led to an 843% increase in traffic.


In this episode, he sharing the details in his "double survey" technique for producing unique content aimed at generating tons of backlinks and relatively quick SEO wins. It's phenoms.

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Ciao bella blogger ;)

Producing quality podcasts that people actually want to listen to can be a tough cookie to crack!

Luckily, Joe Saul-Sehy (, a truly world-class podcast host and long-time audio & media spokesperson--is here to help.

We'll chat interviewing tips, creating interesting & engaging content, and more.

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If you're THINKING about starting a podcast (first, do it), don't miss my free Podcast Launch Checklist as well:

Ciao adios bye!

James is a 30-year broadcasting, radio, and podcasting veteran, and today he joins me to chat about the state of the industry, the future of podcasting, as well as practical advice for existing and aspiring podcasters.

Woot! Show notes here:

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Ciao, future podcaster! <3


Elna Cain ( runs a freelance writing site, a mom blog, her own freelance business, and more.

Oh--and she has twins. How does she manage all that?? And make money??

That's what we dive into on this podcast :)

Full shownotes here:

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This is part 4 of 4! A new blogger case study that has been a year in the making, I am QUITE pleased to publish the final chat with Tanya from!

I have the 4 big takeaways from this entire case study here:

Enjoy! <3

Also, let me know where you listen to podcasts? And maybe what SPEED you listen on? Lemme know on twitter:

Raina has helped me a TON over the past 6-12 months, and today she joins me to chat about Online Impact (the membership community that launches TODAY OMG OMG!) and other helpful stuff for bloggers & creators & entrepreneurs :)

Come join us in Online Impact, which is open THIS WEEK ONLY. 

Oct 7 - Oct 11, 2019. More here:

wooooooooo we can't wait to hang with you :)

There are many different ways you can attract the “right” audience, and make them more loyal to what you have to say.

In this episode we’re showcasing the “double-dip” and the “flat-out” approach, as exemplified by my latest post, found here:

Don’t forget, Online Impact launches Monday, October 7th, 2019!

Learn more and join the text message waiting list here:

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