Today's guest is none other than Tim Soulo--marketing guru at Ahrefs!

We're here to chat about link building, SEO, outreach emails, marketing systems, and way more!

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Today's episode is short, sweet, and covers some fancy-pants business metrics--and how bloggers can use them to help grow their blogs :)

Enjoy! No show notes today, but did you know I just launched a free SEO course? 

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Biz coach and marketing strategist Kyla Roma stops by to share with us how to...

* figure out which social channels will serve us best

* build a brand that resonates with our followers

* build a "life proof" business.

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Here's a bite-sized bonus episode w/ Dan and Lindsay from Follow Your Detour!

You can catch their previous, full episode here:

No show notes for today. Have a good one, blogger!


This is part 1 with Dan and Lindsay from!

We're going to chat:

* how they learn what strategies will work for their blog/brand

* how to connect with and pitch blog sponsors

* how they grew their Instagram following to 40k+ in 2 years.

and more!

Ciao ;)

Traveling Tanya started her blog in mid 2018, and has been joining me every 3 months to share her journey as a new blogger!

This is part 3 of a year-long case study, and you can find parts 1 and 2 located here:


When it comes to writing (or better yet, communicating) with an audience, there's nobody better to learn from than Jeff Goins (

We chat about: 

* How to deal with critical/negative feedback

* Why you shouldn't build a business because you want freedom

* 3 vital questions that'll make you a better writer.

Show notes here:


Howdy , bloggers! Today's awesome guest is Liz Eischen from Kitchen Table Finances!

Liz's backstory is kinda amazing--from living with gypsies abroad to competitive rifle shooting to globetrotting with a non-profit, to blogging--she's done a lot and learned a ton.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • That backstory, duh.
  • Productivity (and "anti-batching" Don't know what else to call it)
  • The "proximity effect" for improving yourself.
  • Way more!

Enjoy--and please drop a comment if you enjoyed this episode! <3

Marketing is all about tension. How can we as bloggers and online business folks--use this in a practical way?

No show notes, Blog Tribe. ;)

Have a great weekend blogging!


Britney is an "SEO Scientist" at! She's an incredible speaker, SEO, data nerd, and podcast guest :)

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