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Are you living blog post to blog post? Stress of content production got you publishing all over the place?

Nailing down the perfect blog post schedule can be tough.

  • Post and promote too frequently, and you could burn yourself out (and annoy your email subscribers by blowing up their inboxes)
  • Post and promote too infrequently, and your traffic could drop faster than Will Ferrell's pants.

This this episode (and blog post), we're going to check out

  1. How you can apply Silicon Valley thinking to your content schedule
  2. How are the pros doing it?
  3. 3 Actionable tips for finding YOUR unique blog post schedule.


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This episode is a bit different. I have two guests today, both of whom are new-ish bloggers who have done incredible work and seen amazing results in their first 3 months of blogging.

It's my pleasure to bring you a casual conversation with Lily from The Frugal Gene and Ms. FAF from Frugal Asian Finance.

Lily -> 9k views/month in 3 months, 2-3 podcast bookings, 1k+ Twitter followers....and she also brings in roughly $7k/month just from her AirBnB rental(!)

Ms FAF -> 17k views/month in 4 months, incredible engagement on every single post, and she has incredibly helpful monthly blog reports.

We chat about

  • How these 2 ladies have helped each other grow their blog traffic and engagement.
  • The supreme importance of real-world blogging relationships
  • How bloggers over-emphasize traffic and analytics
  • Is having paid software really going to make a dent in accomplishing your goals?
  • Gender/ race opportunities and limitations in blogging (why isn't anyone talking about this?)

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Philip Taylor (@ptmoney, ptmoney.com, FinConExpo.com) is a founding-father of blogging communities. He is the driving force behind one of the most successful digital media/blogging/finance conferences, as well as a long-time personal finance blogger.

In this sit-down, we talk:

-FinCon origins and PT's favorite moments,
-Harnessing the power of a blogging "tribe," and creating loyal, passionate communities,
-Being your own blogger,
-Which bloggers he'd pick for his FinCon basketball team,
-and more.

He's an amazing, accomplished, and friendliest-of-friendly guy. Show him some love on Twitter and say hello at FinCon!

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These are tried and true, tested, solid tools to create, grow, and maintain a thriving blog.

Enjoy the short episode, and please leave me a comment at the link above!

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It's fair to say Rosemarie Groner (@busybudgterhttp://www.busybudgeter.com/) is brilliant. An ultra-successful blogger and a master of quick growth, she grew her blog...

  • from $0 to full-time income in 10 months,
  • from $0 to $18k / month in 1.5 years,
  • from $0 to $100k / month in 2.5 years

In this interview, we dive into:

  • How to get in contact with influential people, craft perfect pitches, and build real relationships
  • A step-by-step walkthrough for huge Pinterest traffic growth.
  • Why she STOPPED publishing her monthly income reports, and what she's doing instead (hint: it's so dang good)
  • Lessons learned from being a state trooper and opening an in-home daycare
  • & more!

This episode is brought to you by Amanda at http://centsiblyrich.com/

I contacted Amanda and worked with her to bring you a sweet, FREE, course on budgeting and personal finance: It's a 6-week challenge designed to help you cut and save $500 or more a month. She has an amazing blog, and this course is super popular.

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Eden (@edenfrieden, http://edenfried.com) is a pro blogger who has steamrolled herself to blogging success in an incredibly short time.

She was almost a full-time law school student before she quit everything to blog…full-time.

In this episode, we dig into:

What it took to DO that,
How she struggled for 6 straight months,
How she overcame it and grew a HUGE following on Facebook and Pinterest
How she monetizes consistently, even before she had thousands of followers.

This is by far my favorite episode so far, and I KNOW you're going to get some wisdom from Eden. Enjoy!


Neil Patel is a world-class blogger, founder of 3-4 multi-million dollar busineses, and a brilliant (if not controversial) online marketer.

I was fortunate enough to chat with him today, and we hit on:

-why some entrepreneurs "have it," and some others just don't,

-how he views his role in his businesses,

-why he's a hard person to work for,

-the importance of learning from real-life hustle and failures

Today's show notes is right here --> http://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/7

Say hello to Neil on Twitter, or NeilPatel.com, or QuickSprout (the Quicksprout blog is amazing).


We all know to produce good, quality content, right? It's shouted at us from the rooftops...but how do we KNOW when we actually achieve that?

Shouldn't there be a simple framework to keep in the back of our minds as we work?

There should!

Today's episode is a bite-sized lesson on the SCARF framework for creating good content. 

For the full-blog post, including other handy resources and a cheat sheet, check out http://doyouevenblog.com/create-good-content


Here's a rundown of topics covered today -->

  • Anfernee's 4-step framework for crafting QUALITY content that gets views/shares/revenues (FARS)
  • How he deals with difficult "transition phases" in his life (he's currently undergoing one , as am I)
  • Why ebooks and other overused info products are counter-productive
  • His time spent in a startup accelerator
  • How to validate business ideas, product ideas, blog ideas, etc.
  • Why hustling is HARD (for most of us)

Today's show notes can be found at: http://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/6/

Anfernee is the founder of an Australian B2B content marketing agency, https://www.simplecreativemarketing.com/. Say hello to him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/AnferneeC


Nick Loper is one of the most well-known internet entrepreneurs out there. The founder behind SideHustleNation.com, Nick has been blogging and podcasting about online business for years.

Today, he was kind enough to sit with me and discuss his TEDx talk, his thoughts on content promotion, why he took freezing cold showers every day for 500 days straight, launching new projects, side-hustles, and more.

Nick is FULL of wisdom, and drops a few life-changing nuggets throughout the episode. Hope you enjoy!

Today's SHOWNOTES can be found at http://doyouevenblog.com/podcast/5


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