Passive income. Difficult? Sure. Complicated? Not necessarily...

In this little conversation, I'm digging through the 4 ingredients to make truly passive income from your blog and online business.

1 - monetized (or an offer that converts)

2 - funnel

3 - traffic (or acquisition)

4 - a calculator (for ROI)


The takeaway? Don’t overthink the general strategy.


1. Find an offer that works (through testing)

2. Start mapping out an insanely simple funnel

3. How are you going to get people to the funnel? Answer that question

4. Calculate ROI and test


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What’s up Do You Even Blog Tribe! A short and sweet episode for you today with my good buddy Grant Sabatier (—where we chat about what a “successful” blogging and SEO strategy looks like this year!

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Rob and Melissa are some of the coolest people I know in online business, and today we're sharing their story!

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In this episode, I'll announce my new daily podcast and Alexa Skill, The 30-Second Blog & Business Tip!

Also, I'm running a giveaway for a free year of SmarterQueue, my favorite social media tool. More at

Also, there's content today, too. Audience > Platform, and why I think this is insanely important!



You might remember my friend Alex ( from a previous episode called "How to translate blogging goals into WHAT you should focus on – Alex Felice" (found here).

We decided to check back in and get an updated on what has worked for him in the past year! Highly recommended 👍




Traveling Tanya is currently in month 4 of a brand new blog--and the "honeymoon phase" is quickly coming to and end...

Will she be able to persist and grow? Can she figure out how to balance her time to continue blogging--long enough to see organic growth and monetization?

Find out in part 2 of the 12-month long new blogger case study!

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What's your price tag? Heck, what about if you were going to QUIT your blog--could you sell instead and get some of your investment back?

Joining us today is Marc from Vital Dollar!

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It's time for another Tribe Takeover today, this time from Kelan over at!

He's talking about time management and productivity tips, specifically for bloggers.




The original episode accidentally got cut off at minute 9:37. This is the full episode!

With every new year comes blog planning and strategizing! Here's my preferred method for coming up with a strategy you'll commit to and CRUSH your goals with.

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ALL blogs and side hustles can induce unwanted stress! Sorry, that's how it is :)

Luckily, today's Tribe Takeover is from Mike Monfredi from MikedUp Blog!

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