Online courses are VERY widespread, especially in the blogging & digital marketing niche--and these can often have TERRIBLE c ourse completion and success rates!

Today's guest, Melody from, is an instructional designer by trade, and is here to help us figure out how to serve and teach our students better (and therefore grow a better business?).

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Today's guest is none other than Tim Soulo--marketing guru at Ahrefs!

We're here to chat about link building, SEO, outreach emails, marketing systems, and way more!

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Today's episode is short, sweet, and covers some fancy-pants business metrics--and how bloggers can use them to help grow their blogs :)

Enjoy! No show notes today, but did you know I just launched a free SEO course? 

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Biz coach and marketing strategist Kyla Roma stops by to share with us how to...

* figure out which social channels will serve us best

* build a brand that resonates with our followers

* build a "life proof" business.

Full takeaways here:



Here's a bite-sized bonus episode w/ Dan and Lindsay from Follow Your Detour!

You can catch their previous, full episode here:

No show notes for today. Have a good one, blogger!


This is part 1 with Dan and Lindsay from!

We're going to chat:

* how they learn what strategies will work for their blog/brand

* how to connect with and pitch blog sponsors

* how they grew their Instagram following to 40k+ in 2 years.

and more!

Ciao ;)

Traveling Tanya started her blog in mid 2018, and has been joining me every 3 months to share her journey as a new blogger!

This is part 3 of a year-long case study, and you can find parts 1 and 2 located here:


When it comes to writing (or better yet, communicating) with an audience, there's nobody better to learn from than Jeff Goins (

We chat about: 

* How to deal with critical/negative feedback

* Why you shouldn't build a business because you want freedom

* 3 vital questions that'll make you a better writer.

Show notes here:


Howdy , bloggers! Today's awesome guest is Liz Eischen from Kitchen Table Finances!

Liz's backstory is kinda amazing--from living with gypsies abroad to competitive rifle shooting to globetrotting with a non-profit, to blogging--she's done a lot and learned a ton.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • That backstory, duh.
  • Productivity (and "anti-batching" Don't know what else to call it)
  • The "proximity effect" for improving yourself.
  • Way more!

Enjoy--and please drop a comment if you enjoyed this episode! <3

Marketing is all about tension. How can we as bloggers and online business folks--use this in a practical way?

No show notes, Blog Tribe. ;)

Have a great weekend blogging!


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